Extra Credit Option


What is up with all the scary images like the picture above?  Do a little research about Day of the Dead in Mexico.  Answer the following questions with full sentence answers.  Post your responses here.

A.  Give a general description of Day of the Dead.  What 10 facts you should know about this day? 5 Points.

B.  Talk about the scary costumes and skulls.  What purpose doe they serve for this holiday. 5 Points.

Don’t copy & paste.  We can tell, it is cheating, and you will get a zero and serve detention!

Due by:  October 13th . . midnight!


OSHA Violation Reports


We learned that OSHA is supposed to keep workers safe.  It protects workers from their own actions and from dangerous demands the employer may place on them.  You should have done a google search for OSHA violations.  Make a blog enty about the story you read.  It should answer the following questions:

a.  What kind of violations was it?

b.  Was anyone hurt or made sick?

c.  Did the company have to pay a fine?

When you are finished writing your description read another student’s post.  Comment back to them about their situation.  You may only comment to a student that has 3 or less comments.