OSHA Violation Reports


We learned that OSHA is supposed to keep workers safe.  It protects workers from their own actions and from dangerous demands the employer may place on them.  You should have done a google search for OSHA violations.  Make a blog enty about the story you read.  It should answer the following questions:

a.  What kind of violations was it?

b.  Was anyone hurt or made sick?

c.  Did the company have to pay a fine?

When you are finished writing your description read another student’s post.  Comment back to them about their situation.  You may only comment to a student that has 3 or less comments.


89 thoughts on “OSHA Violation Reports

  1. Anthony Little says:

    Anthony Little
    The home depot faced seven repeat violations including failing to block exit routes, not closing unused openings in electrlica cabinets, using flexible wiring instead of required fixed wiring, and installing plates on receptacles that exposed workers to 120 volts of live electricity. The article doesnt say if anyone was hurt but they were exposed to dangerous situations. The Home Depot was fined a total of $150,700.

    • burmeist says:

      Do you think the amount of the fine would have increased if someone had been injured?

    • Jonah Richards says:

      They should have known better not to do what they did. To think that these people could come into your home and possibly install my own electrical wiring and for them to do i the way they did would make me not want them to be doing it.

  2. Evan Maxey says:

    Evan Maxey. The violation was improper training for divers and allowing dives to be performed without a standby diver. In this incident two divers drowned and a maintenance worker also died. A military judge is investigating the deaths of the two navy divers and the officers could face criminal charges including involuntary manslaughter.

  3. Genti Mehmedi says:

    There were a number of violations made by workers at the Home Depot that they failed to correct after violating them more than once. This includes not blocking exit routes, using flexible wiring instead of required fixed wiring, not closing unused openings in electrical cabinets, and installing plates on receptacles that exposed workers to 120 volts of live electricity. There was no injuries stated but these conditions made the chances of injuries much more likely. They were fined $150,700 total for the citations.

  4. Jonah Richards says:

    A metal fabrication plant in Peoria, IL was cited for 12 safety and health violations. The inspector said the couldn’t even follow the simplest safety rules. On Feb. 22 a 23-year old man was fatally crushed by an automated laser machine. The metal fabrication plant was later fined $317,000 for safety and health violations.

  5. Christian Worrells says:

    Christian Worrells
    Home Depot fined over 150,000 dollars for unsafe working conditions. The stores most serious violation was failing to properly handle flammable liquid storage containers to prevent accidental electrical discharge. The inspector took this so seriously because if not treated it could cause serious injury or even death. The fines would have been not as bad if the Home Depot took care of the problem the first time OSHA told them to. Nobody was hurt, but easily could have been because OSHA said that the store was exposing workers to 120 volts of live electricity.

  6. Zephrem Conrad says:

    Zephrem Conrad
    A water park on South Padre Island has been cited for safety violations by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark and Resort is being held responsible for the lack of proper training of their workers, which led to the death of fellow lifeguard Nicolas Benavides. In response to these violations, Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark and Resort has been fined for $96,000.

    • Evan Maxey says:

      sad that the laziness of a water park took a life.

    • Ashley Steritt says:

      You would think that they would train properly for such a serious job, it’s sad that he lost his life due to the lack of training. Hopefully, they train future employees the right way!

  7. Jaimee Cramer says:

    Jaimee Cramer
    The water park and resort on South Padre island were found with 6 safety violations. The main problem were a lack of proper training. These violations resulted in the death of a lifeguard and serious injuries to a maintenance supervisor. The Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark and Resort was fined $96,000.

  8. Olivia Ball says:

    Olivia Ball
    Wal-Mart faced a health violation because they failed to improve safety conditions within 2,800 of its stores in relation to trash compactors and cleaning chemicals. As far as I know, no one was hurt or made sick. Wal-Mart had to pay a $190,000 fine.

  9. Carter Smith says:

    Carter Smith
    There were six safety violations that caused a death to a lifeguard. Osha fined them 100,000 dollars for these violations. It said that they were exposing its workers to unnecessary risks.The lifeguard was caught in a wave machine and drowned, and one supervisor was seriously injured. The total fine came out to $96,000.

  10. Kaleb Dean Kester Barton says:

    Kaleb Barton
    At Marin Luther King Jr. Middle school on 8/27/2013 a 62 year old construction worker, who’s name was not released to the public, was struck by a big rig while he was laying asphalt. There were kids there for the freshman orientation at the time and they were very aware of what had happened. The company hadn’t had any safety violations or any workplace injuries or deaths in the past 10 years. OSHA has taken over investigations and has 6 months to issue a report on the incident, but as of right now, no known fines have been placed on the company.

  11. Dillon Barton says:

    -Dillon Barton
    Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark and Resort was cited for a total of six worker safety violations. Upon investigation, it was found that this waterpark had not properly trained their lifeguards, and 20-year-old Nicolas Benavides died when he and a maintenace supervisor were pinned inside of a wave generator that was inadvertently activated. The maintenance supervisor didn’t die, but he was seriously inujured. Shlitterbahn Beach Waterpark and Resort was fined a total of $96,000.

  12. Carah Duncan says:

    Carah Duncan:
    A grain elevator located in Wilber Nebraska is facing fines for two safety violations. OSHA states that the violations included those in charge of maintenance at the grain elevator allowing grain bin dust to accumulate on surfaces past the allowed standard. The Wilber grain elevator is also being accused for a repeat violation for fall hazards due to unguarded ladders. There are no reports of any injuries of employees; however the grain elevator is looking at a fine of $45,500 for the violations.

  13. Taylor Jones says:

    Taylor Jones
    The Home Depot of Reynoldsburg, Ohio was faced with with seven OSHA violations. The violations include, failing to block exit routes, not closing unused openings in electrical cabinets, using flexible wiring instead of required fixing wiring, and installing plated on receptacles that exposed workers to 120 volts of live electricity. the article does not state that anyone at the store was injured, but they were exposed to dangerous conditions. The store had to pay a fine $150,700 total for the citations they were faced with. They have 15 business days to pay the fine, create a meeting with OSHA or dispute the findings.

  14. Kayla Bray says:

    Kayla Bray
    The Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark and Resort was fined nearly $100,000 on the death of Nicholas Benavides. Benavides and his supervisor were both pinned inside a wave pool. Benavides was killed and his supervisor was seriously injured. This wave generator was activated March 6, but was not checked for safety violations. After this tragedy, The U.S Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration had cited 6 more violations. This agency said that there was a lack of proper training.

  15. Coleton Harness says:

    Coleton Harness Walmart was fined 190,000$ by OSHA because of worker safety violations. the violations appeared in New York and 8 other states. the fine was a small piece to pay because Walmart brings in 469.2 million dollars in annual revenue and the CEO is paid 20.7 million dollars annually.no one was believed to be hurt in any of this. i think that Walmart got of pretty easily.

  16. Morgan Van Houtin says:

    Morgan Van Houtin
    The violation that had occurred at Schlitterbahn on South Padre Island was a safety violation that caused Nicolas Benavides and a maintenance supervisor to be pinned inside of a wave generation machine when it was inadvertently. Nicolas was killed and the supervisor was seriously injured after this occurrence. On March 6 Schlitterbahn Beach Resort was fined with $100,000 due to safety violations and the death of the twenty year-old life guard.

  17. Whitney Durham says:

    Whitney Durham: The Army’s Aberdeen Test Center had many OSHA violations. Serious violations include improper training for divers, allowing diving activity to occur without a standby diver, no reserve breathing air supply during diving activity, and using breathing air to operate buoyancy rather than solely for breathing purposes. Three deaths resulted from the violations. There aren’t any fines, but two officers are possibly facing criminal charges, including involuntary manslaughter.

    • Jacob Sager says:

      Why wouldn’t they have a standby diver for someone that did not know how to dive?

    • kenny michael says:

      I dont get it, you’d think that they would have supiriors and safety specialist at the ready. but they didnt. i think they need some serious change in command.

  18. Jacob Sager says:

    Jacob Sager
    The violations at Hagel Metal Fabrication included failing to lock out hazardous machine energy and not having safety guards in place. One employee was fatally crushed because safe guards were not in place. The company was fined 317,000 dollars and placed in OSHA’s Severe Violator Enforcement Program because the company was also fined for six other safety violations.

  19. Chase Hempen says:

    Chase Hempen
    I read an article on Farmers Cooperative in Wilbur, Nebraska. The company had 2 violations with a proposed $45,500 fine. One violation was concerning the grain dust. It was circulating through the buildings and increased the risk of a grain dust explosion. The other violation was about an unprotected ladder. Thankfully, this article did not include any injuries, however, this company should learn a lesson before any injuries occur.

  20. Tracie Beard says:

    Tracie Beard
    OSHA fined Wal-Mart with a health violation due to unsafe trash compactors and dangerous cleaning chemicals. The violations cover 2,857 Wal-Mart facilities and Sam Clubs. No one was hurt or made sick. Wal-Mart had to pay a fine of $190,000 and practice safe procedures which include the trash compactors to be locked when not in use, a trained manager to be on site when the compactors are in use, and more training with the cleaning chemicals.

  21. Seth Crain says:

    Seth Crain, Republic steel was cited for 24 violations of safety carrying fines of 1.14 million dollars. In 2012 it had been found that 2 workers had been seriously injured in August and June.

  22. Sasha Maynard says:

    Sasha Maynard. The Schlitterbahn Beach Water Park and Resort was fined nearly $100,000 due to the death of one of their lifeguards. Nicholas Benavides and his supervisor were pinned on the inside of a wave generating machine when the machine was turned on and Benavides lost his life. This prompted OSHA to come in and conduct a thorough investigation of the water park. They found 1 willful violation and 6 serious violations which cost the water park a total of $96,000. I think the government did it’s job because this is a VERY serious situation and it needs to be justified as much as it can be.

  23. Ryan Byars says:

    Ryan Byars. OSHA has fined a Dayton concrete factory in the town of Braselton. While there were some very dangerous violations, such as not protecting employees from sparks, there were also a couple violations not dangerous enough to be fined for. In total the company was fined $88,000. Some of the violations could have led to injury or death, but nobody has been injured or killed at this point.

  24. Evan Krieg says:

    Evan Krieg
    Walmart recently agreed to a settlement from OSHA violations back in 2011 from unsafe trash disposal and chemical use by workers. Although no employees were harmed from the violations the company quickly reinforced their rules. The settlement for violations cost WalMart $190,000.

  25. Paul Moskal says:

    Paul Moskal
    OSHA fined Sea World with a health and safety violation due to the Killer Whale that drowned Dawn Branchea its trainer. The park was fined 12,000.OSHA is trying to make Sea World trainers stay behind a barrier or a safe distance away from the whale when interacting with it during performances.Sea World is fighting against OSHA saying that they do not have the expertise in marine mammal care to prohibit close contact between trainers and killer whales.OSHA later fined them another 38,500 for what it calls repeat safety violations. Sea World is still fighting against OSHA.

  26. Quinlyn Struckhoff says:

    Quinlyn Struckhoff
    Echo Lake Foods in both Burlington and Yorkville received a letter stating that they had 27 different violations within their company. 22 of the violations were for violation of engineering and administrative controls, and not taking the responsibility to properly preform the oil-draining procedures. Four of the violations were for things as simple as not having safe fire escape route. And the final violation was for failing to have periodic inspections of hazardous energy control procedures. The 27 violations ended up costing them a total of $150,000. Luckily no one was reported of being injured or hurt in any way.

  27. Ashley Steritt says:

    Ashley Sterritt
    The Walt Disney resort located in Anaheim, was fined on May 8th, 2013, for five different violations which included; Willful/Serious -1, Serious -1, Repeat General -1, General -2. Walt Disney resort was fined $82,025 for those penalties. Citations were originally issued on April 12th, 2013 but weren’t amended until May 8th 2013. Yes, an employee did get hurt in November 2012 with a serious injury of HSG Professional window cleaners, which caused the investigation on this resort. Walt Disney did end up paying the fine of $82,025.

  28. joseph says:

    Joseph Tolliver
    OSHA fines a swimming pool in Texas 96,000 for not protecting workers from hazardous energy sources. I think that they were being light on them. When owning a business you have to take all safety precaution necessary.

  29. Hunter Bookhout says:

    OSHA finds seven safety violations at Army in Aberdeen. The “super pond” claimed the lives of three people this year. Two Navy divers were killed while diving to a sunken helicopter at the bottom of the pond 150 foot deep. Their deaths were ruled accidental. A month earlier a civilian employee died doing maintenance work on the “super pond”. Three severe violations were found, such as improper training for divers, allowing dives to be done without a standby diver and using breathing equipment improperly. There were also four violations not so severe. There are several charges pending including accidental manslaughter.

  30. Chapyn says:

    Chapyn Teel
    OSHA insists that Sea World is violating the safety of the trainers, due to the drowning of Dawn Branchaeu in 2010. Sea World stated that there had been only a dozen recorded injuries within the past millions of performances and daily interaction. They argued that when dealing with nature there are many risks one should be willing to take, in any scenario. Despite their objections, OSHA fined the park $12,000. Sea World then made a few changes to their performances. When OSHA returned to the park, they were dissatisfied with the alterations and fined Sea World an additional $38,500 for “repeated safety violations”.

  31. Albana Seljimi says:

    OSHA found hazardous levels of combustible dust at Cardell’s Cabintery in San Antionio. They weren’t taking good care of their equipment, and their workplace wasn’t clean. It wasnt an result of harm or injury. They did have a fine of $267,434 for their 1,110 workers.

  32. Roudey Hensley says:

    Roudey Hensley
    The Heartland Midwest Oil Drilling Company struck a gasline causing a massive explosion. It took one life and injured dozens, and it also destroyed a resturant. The violations were that they lacked needed training, not wearing required clothing, improperly relied on ill-defined hand signals, and deficient emergecy plan. In all, they were fined a total of $160,000.

  33. Sedrick Hill says:

    Sedrick Hill
    OSHA was questioning a company whether they should have been cutting that close to a high voltage powerline. An unidentified 26 year old got killed because the boom lift he was working on hit a high voltage wire and it burned his whole body and he died later that night. The company however did not face a fine and it was a safety violation with no compensation as of yet.

  34. Dale holsapple says:

    Dale Holsapple, Hebrew health care was cited for fourteen serious violations. These violations were for workplace safety standards. while no one was hurt the company still had to pay a $58,800 fine.

  35. Alisha Easley says:

    Home depot had seven repeated violations. They failed to block exit routes, not closing unused openings in electrical cabinets,using flexible wiring instead of required fixed wiring,and installing plates on receptacles that exposed workers to 120 volts of live electricity. No one was hurt but was in very dangerous situations. They were fined $150,000.

  36. Reyna says:

    Reyna Ramirez
    OSHA fined Heartland Midwest LLC five safety violations. laying down a fiber-optic cable near JJ’s Restaurant. A rig hit a gas line sparking an explosion killing a restaurant worker and injured three of the rig’s workers. The company had to pay a fine of $161,00. Heartland midwest crew lacked training and communication.

  37. kenny michael says:

    Kenny Michael
    I found an interesting news post from The Las Vegas sun, about a crane workers death and the following OSHA investigation, along with what they discovered, and what they did aswell.
    OSHA started the investigation due the death of a Perlini Building co. employee, a crane operator to be exact. The investigation uncovered up to 42 serious safety violations from improper fall protection systems, risk of electric shock, and to improper storage of flammable substances.
    Many of the violations have been reported to OSHA by the construction workers themselves. but the crane workers death was the final straw, the investigation led to about 76 violations. 42 of them that can lead to serious injury and even death! the total amount of fines all together came out to 66,000$ but for the other 33 minor violations, OSHA only issued a “notice of violation”. Perlini persistantly stated that worker deaths were because “individual mistakes”. but Perlini launched a number of marketing campaign’s and new policies on safety.
    Death is a serious, It’s death! and some people think that more precautions should be taken. what do you think?

  38. Zavyira Middleton says:

    Zavy Middleton
    In march, Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark and Resort was finned almost 100,000 dollars after a 20 year old life guard died. A lifeguard and a maintenance worker were inside the wave machine when it was activated killing the life guard and seriously injuring the maintenance worker. The penalties for one willful violation and five serious violations were $96,000.

  39. alyssa allen says:

    Alyssa Allen.
    OSHA fined The Home Depot more than $150,000. The company faces seven different violations. The lack safety in their stores. The violations include failing to block exit routes, not closing unused openings in electrical cabinets, using flexible wiring instead of required fixed wiring, and installing plates on receptacles that exposed workers to 120 volts of live electricity. Just recently an eighth violation was issued for failing to bond and ground flammable liquid storage containers during transfer at the Reynoldsburg store. The Home Depot has 15 business days to pay this fine off. I feel this is something The Home Depot needs to realize their doing wrong and if the fine is what it takes to change their ways then so be it.

  40. Megan Woodward says:

    Megan Woodward
    Stone brewing Company, in Escondido had an accident on Saturday, August 25. A young man by the name of Matthew Courtright was killed in a forklift accident. He was doing his daily job and for an unknown reason the forklift began to roll. He had chest injuries, and was sent to the hospital. Shortly after arriving at the hospital, he was pronounced dead. OSHA is investigating safety at the company.

  41. Hannah says:

    OSHA cites Reynolds burg Home Depot for safety violations. They failed to properly handle flammable liquid storage containers to prevent accidental electrical discharge. It could of very well harmed or killed someone. Fortunately no one was hurt though. The company did not have to pay any fines.

  42. jacob joyner says:

    jacob joyner. My article was basically about repeat affenders on OSHA violation laws, basically Home Depot had a number of safety violations, and ignored OSHA’s proticall to fix them. This sparked a huge fine up to 150,000 dollers. Some of OSHA’s safety laws are a bit ridicolous to me, but others are very important. However Home Depot safety issues range from the littelest things to very severe things. I honestly don’t see why they just didn’t fix it in the first place,because if they did it would”ve saved them alot of trouble and money. An in my eyes ALL stores should follow OSHAS laws.

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