Extra Credit Option


What is up with all the scary images like the picture above?  Do a little research about Day of the Dead in Mexico.  Answer the following questions with full sentence answers.  Post your responses here.

A.  Give a general description of Day of the Dead.  What 10 facts you should know about this day? 5 Points.

B.  Talk about the scary costumes and skulls.  What purpose doe they serve for this holiday. 5 Points.

Don’t copy & paste.  We can tell, it is cheating, and you will get a zero and serve detention!

Due by:  October 13th . . midnight!


One thought on “Extra Credit Option

  1. Val Mehmedi says:

    A. Day of the Dead is kind of like Halloween in the United States. It celebrates memories of those who have passed. It starts on October 31st and ends on November 2nd.
    -El Día de los Muertos is the Spanish name for Day of the dead.
    -Families build shrines in their houses, offering food to the dead.
    -Marigolds are the traditional flower of the dead.
    -candied delicacies, tamales, sugar skulls, pan de muerto are traditional food for Day of the Dead
    -pan de muerto is known as bread of the dead.
    -Family and friends celebrate passed ones.
    -Day of the Dead is not a holiday, but a tradition.
    -All Saints Day that takes place November 1
    -The celebration starts at midnight October 31st
    -Day of the dead celebrates life and death.

    B. The costumes and skulls are all part of the tradition. They serve a purpose because some costumes tell a story, and others are just a reminder of the ones who have passed. It could also be a way to communicate to the dead.

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